Clan rules :

1. Should you leave the clan you will not be permitted to re-join immediately, you would have to wait for at least one year. We made this decision to limit the member turn-over as we would like to forge competitive gaming relationships.

2. We will not tolerate any use of the Lords name in the Teamspeak.

3. Public game verbal abuse and cursing is not allowed.

4. There will be a recruiting stage of two weeks “This means that if you do not obey the clan rules you will be kicked by any of the clan owners or admins, but if you are a full member of the clan there would be an admin panel discussion to vote if you should stay or leave the clan.”

5. Leadership reserves the right to amend and add to the rules structure at any time.

6. Membership and clan issues will be handled by the leadership team.

7. Members are under no circumstances allowed to boost in any game.

8. Affected members will always be able to state their case and mitigate their circumstance.

9. Competitive spirit between the internal clans is always welcomed.